Careering: reflexivity, play and a life in media

Pat Kane will give a talk at the ‘Life Online To-day and To-Morrow’ series on the 7th of November at 7.30 pm at King’s College London (Strand Campus).

‘In my 30-year commercial media career, and since graduating with an English degree (focussing on Film/TV studies and Literary Theory) in 1985, I have maintained a constant interest in theories about the constitution of subjectivity and agency – and a willingness to test them out in my own creative and commercial practice. In this seminar, I want to chart this theory/practice relationship – which has involved a shift from drawing on “reflexive” and “discursive” theories of self and agency (Giddens, Althusser, Foucault), to ones that source a “protean” self in the evolutionary imperatives of human play and creativity (Huizinga, Panksepp, Bateson). What Joni Mitchell once called the “star-making machinery” is now a banal potentiality within networks of “mass self-communication” (to use Manuel Castells term). The concept of “ego-media” reveals – for this media ego – a fascinating personal and public history.’

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Pat Kane’s talk ‘Radical Animal‘ will take place on 12th of October (19:00-20:30) at Safra Lecture Theatre (Ground Floor) Strand Campus, King’s College London.


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