Ego-Media in China

Ego-Media colleagues recently traveled to present research from the ERC-funded project to colleagues at the World Auto/Biography Centre at Peking University in Beijing, and at the ‘Literary Biography and Others’ Conference hosted by the Biographical Society at Sichuan University in Chengdu.

Members of the team traveled first to Beijing to present at a seminar hosted by Professor Zhao Baisheng on ‘The Presentist and Futurist Turn of Life-Writing’ on topics ranging from ‘Imagined Futures: The To-day and To-morrow Book Series and Writing Future Lives’ (Professor Max Saunders); ‘Life Writing Underwater: Humans, Sea Life and Ocean’ (Professor Clare Brant); ‘The Autobiographical “I” and it’s Others, Then and Now’ (Dr Rob Gallagher); ‘Life and War Writing, Off and Online (Dr Alisa Miller); and ‘Spotlight Speech: Negotiating credibility and clickability in Mummy vlogging’ (Mikka Lene Pers). Peking University colleagues also presented papers and shared research on a variety of topics on medical diagnosis, disease management and life writing in the analogue and digital contexts.

Ego-Media colleagues then traveled to the ‘Literary Biography and Others’ conference in Chengdu to present research to colleagues from over 50 Chinese universities as well as international colleagues from, for example, Canada, Brazil and Egypt, providing keynotes detailing their Ego-Media research, chairing and presenting in seminars including ‘Comparative Studies in Autobiography’ and ‘New Trends of Autobiographical Writings’.

The travelers are working on a series of blogs about their experiences in China that detail some of their research and academic – and digital and cultural – observations: these will be shared shortly on the website.

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