Podcast: An Archive of Tingles: ASMR Culture and Online Identity

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ is a term that’s emerged from online health communities to describe a ‘tingling’ sensation certain people seem to experience in response to particular sensory stimuli and audiovisual cues. In recent years numerous ‘ASMRtists’ have begun using platforms like YouTube to circulate roleplays, readings and performances all designed to elicit these mysterious tingles. In this podcast, produced in collaboration with the Arts and Culture Unit, Resonance FM and ASMRtists Whispers Red and Muted Vocal, we ask what ASMR culture can tell us about how genres, ideas and communities emerge online. Over the course of the show we discuss current academic thinking on how the internet is changing understandings of identity, health, creativity and belonging, and see whether the terms and concepts scholars are developing ring true for those involved with emerging web cultures.

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Prior to joining the Ego Media team, Rob worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University’s Technoculture, Art and Games... read more about: Robert Gallagher