The Use of Social Media in Self-Representations of Health

Through ethnographic research, this project explores how digital health technology and converged social media (Facebook and Instagram), impacts and influences upon self-representations, autobiographical narratives, and health practices, both on and offline.

Watch a video of Rachael discussing her research into (Life) Writing The Health Self: Social Media Narratives and Self Tracking as our Digital Diaries:

Films by Rachael Kent and Arko Hojholt, 2017, prepared as part of the Dear Diary exhibition, curated by Professor Clare Brant and Dr Polly North (click here to learn more).

See also Rachael’s presentation at the ‘Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond‘ conference, hosted by the Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark in June 2017, which will feed in to her chapter ‘Social Media and Self-Tracking: Representing the Health Self’ in B. Ajana, ed., Self-Tracking (Palgrave MacMillan – forthcoming).

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Graduating from the University of Brighton in October 2014 with a Master of Arts Creative Media with Distinction, Rachael’s background... read more about: Rachael Kent