Talking Interfaces: Literature & Conversational Media

My research explores the relationship between literature and media through the lens of conversation. I examine how writers and literary critics have responded to (and sometimes anticipated) theorisations of communication within computing and earlier media as a way of exploring formal and ontological questions in their writing. My first book, Literature and the Rise of the Interview (OUP, 2018) conceives of interviewing as a technology and explores the ways in which interviews have shaped understandings of literature and literary studies since the mid nineteenth century. My second project takes the chatbot as its central figure and explores the relationship between literature, media history and conversational aesthetics in the context of cybernetics, programming, AI, language processing and Human Computer Interaction.


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Rebecca Roach was a Postdoctoral Research Associate on this project until 2018. She is now Lecturer in Contemporary Literature at... read more about: Rebecca Roach