9 Mar 2018

Keeping Up with the Kardashian Decade

Last month Ego-Media’s Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Rob Gallagher joined celebrity studies scholars Oline Eaton and Hannah Yelin for a short symposium dedicated to the Kardashian clan and their impact on how we produce and consume life stories today (Hannah, as you’ll hear, was also joined by baby Arvo, who chips

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Professor Alexandra Georgakopoulou talks fake news and stories with Diggit Magazine

On a recent visit to Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Prof Alexandra Georgakopoulou spoke about her work on the Ego-Media project with Dr Philip Seargeant (Open University). This conversation, along with a series of shorter videos, have and are being collected, edited and published by Diggit Magazine. See the conversation between Prof

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Social Media and Self-Tracking

Ego-Media‘s Rachael Kent has published a chapter – ‘Social Media and Self-Tracking: Representing the Health-Self‘ – in Self-Tracking: Empirical and Philosophical Investigations (2017) edited by Btihaj Ajana.

Gaming, politics and the digital world

Ego-Media‘s Dr Rob Gallagher has published an article in the Guardian examining gaming cultures, digital systems and devices, linear and non-linear narratives and storyworlds, and politics.

Dear Diary: A Celebration of Diaries and their Digital Descendants

Ego-Media’s Professor Clare Brant, and Dr Polly North have curated a major multi-media exhibition that celebrates diaries and the many ways in which diarists capture human experience. ‘Dear Diary: A Celebration of Diaries and their Digital Descendants‘ considers how diaries stage important issues for the individual and society, including those of identity, intimacy,

Chatbots Talk: Science Museum Late, 28 Oct 2015

I’m giving at talk at the Science Museum Late on October 28th. Come learn about Chatbots and Margaret Masterman! Chattering Bots and Computer Poetry: Margaret Masterman and Computer Talk since 1955 Fifty years before Google Translate appeared on the market, a pioneering linguist was trumpeting the possibilities of Machine Translation.

Ego Media on Resonance FM: An Archive of Tingles

On Friday the 26th of June Resonance FM will be broadcasting a programme I’ve produced in collaboration with The Arts and Culture Unit and YouTubers Whispers Red and Muted Vocal, both of whom produce videos designed to trigger ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ – a term that’s emerged from online health