Focus on Mikka Lene Pers

This week we’re featuring Mikka Lene Pers’s work on the Ego-Media Project. Mikka – a clinical psychologist who has studied and practised narrative therapy – is completing her PhD, which focuses on the phenomenon of mummy vloggers. Mummy vloggers “Mummy vloggers,” Mikka explains, “are a genre of social media microcelebrity

Ludic Lives, Lewd Hacks and Digital Labour: Gameplay, Life Writing and Auto/Biography

On June 21st King’s played host to a symposium on ‘Indisciplinary Approaches to Digital Play’, which I helped KCL colleagues Feng Zhu, Stephanie James and Conor McKeown to organise. The idea was to structure the day around ‘provocations’ calibrated to spark cross-disciplinary conversation and debate. I’m not really the kind

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Social media & online communication: forms & practices

Previously, we listed the themes the Ego-Media team will cover in the essays in our digital publication. This week, we’re highlighting our work on forms and practices. From the outset, we saw forms and practices as interconnected: how we post and communicate online, with what kinds of semiotic resources is

Focus on: Professor Max Saunders

Professor Max Saunders is Principal Investigator on the Ego-Media Project. Primarily a literary critic, Max specialises in 19th and 20th century literature, particularly in turn-of-the-century and Modernist fiction, criticism, and poetry. With Professor Clare Brant, he co-directs the interdisciplinary Centre for Life-Writing Research. To-Day & To-Morrow One strand of Max’s

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Situation, place & geography

In a previous post, we listed the themes the Ego-Media team will cover in the essays in our digital publication. This week, we’re trailing the essay on situations. The lead author of this essay is Dr. Rob Gallagher and this post offers a brief outline of some of the issues

Focus on Professor Leone Ridsdale

Professor Leone Ridsdale, one of the Ego-Media Project’s Co-Investigators, was a university lecturer in economics before studying medicine at McMaster University. She qualified as a neurologist in Montreal, and as a GP in the UK. Her research has focused on self-education for people with headache, chronic fatigue and epilepsy. She

The Self in the Age of Social Media

In a previous post, we listed the themes the Ego-Media team will cover in the essays in our digital publication. The first of these, perhaps unsurprisingly given the Ego-Media Project’s research aims, focuses on ideas of the self. The lead author (the essays are being written collaboratively – more on

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Focus on: Professor Clare Brant

Clare Brant is Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture in the Department of English at King’s, and co-Director of the Centre for Life-Writing Research. She is an editor on the European Journal of Life Writing, and the Project Director of Strandlines, a digital community project about lives on the Strand,


The Ego Media Digital Publication

In March, we heard that the European Research Council granted the Ego Media Project a six-month extension so we can produce an innovative digital publication showcasing our work. Together with our colleagues at King’s Digital Lab, we’re working to create something that is, essentially, a new form of digital “book”.

Focus on Dr Alisa Miller – War writing, on & offline

Alisa’s research for the Ego-Media Project focuses on war writing on and off line. She started focusing on war blogs in Iraq and Afghanistan, but more broadly her work looks to historicize digital war writing by placing it in a continuum, and by considering the various tools that have emerged