So long, farewell…

After five years and six months exploring how new media have impacted on how people represent themselves, the Ego Media Project ended on October 31st 2019. So, for our final blog post, here’s a list of some of our team members’ relevant articles and books by team members during the

Focus on Dr Stijn Peeters

This week’s post focuses on Dr Stijn Peeters. Stijn is now a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Amsterdam, working on research and research tools that focus on online political subcultures, as part of the Odycceus project and the Digital Methods Initiative. Stijn completed his PhD with the Ego Media

Focus on Dr Rob Gallagher

This week’s post focuses on Dr Rob Gallagher. Rob is a postdoctoral researcher with the Ego Media Project and a teaching fellow in literature and the digital at Royal Holloway, University of London. His book Videogames, Identity and Digital Subjectivity was published by Routledge in 2017. Rob’s Ego Media research


Focus on Dr Rebecca Roach

This week’s blog focuses on Dr Rebecca Roach. Rebecca was a postdoctoral researcher on the Ego Media Project, and is now Lecturer in Contemporary Literature at the University of Birmingham. Her book Literature and the Rise of the Interview is available now from OUP. As someone who has always done

Focus on Dr Rachael Kent

This week we focus on Dr Rachael Kent’s work. Rachael – whose background is in media and communication studies – completed her PhD with the Ego Media team, and is now a teaching fellow in digital media and culture in the Department of Digital Humanities Self-tracking & health identity For


Previously, we listed the themes the Ego Media team will cover in the essays in our digital publication. This week, we’re highlighting our work on Time. The lead author of this essay is Professor Clare Brant, and this post offers a brief outline of some of the questions the essay

Mixed Media Landscape with Slime: Notes on the Digital Games Research Association 2019 conference

Last month I visited Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University for the 2019 Digital Games Research Association conference, where I gave two papers about my Ego Media research on videogames and life writing. But let’s not worry about my papers; let’s talk about the rat. Chequered and chunky, red of eye and pointy

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Focus on Mikka Lene Pers

This week we’re featuring Mikka Lene Pers’s work on the Ego-Media Project. Mikka – a clinical psychologist who has studied and practised narrative therapy – is completing her PhD, which focuses on the phenomenon of mummy vloggers. Mummy vloggers “Mummy vloggers,” Mikka explains, “are a genre of social media microcelebrity

Ludic Lives, Lewd Hacks and Digital Labour: Gameplay, Life Writing and Auto/Biography

On June 21st King’s played host to a symposium on ‘Indisciplinary Approaches to Digital Play’, which I helped KCL colleagues Feng Zhu, Stephanie James and Conor McKeown to organise. The idea was to structure the day around ‘provocations’ calibrated to spark cross-disciplinary conversation and debate. I’m not really the kind

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