Prof. Clare Brant

Clare Brant is Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture in the Department of English at King’s, and co-Director of the Centre for Life-Writing Research. Her book Eighteenth-Century Letters and British Culture (Palgrave 2006) won the ESSE Book Award in 2008. She is an editor on the European Journal of Life Writing,, and the Project Director of Strandlines,, a digital community project about lives on the Strand, past, present and creative. Besides co-editing five essay collections, she has published on a wide range of subjects in both the eighteenth century and contemporary life including letters, balloons, gender, smell, cuttlefish, travel writing and visual arts; what connects them is an interest in the history of ideas. Short biographies are of course a highly constructed form of life writing, and a bookish one, but nonetheless one that survives in digital locations.

Prof. Clare Brant's Projects

Dear Diary

Drawing on the ‘Dear Diary‘ exhibition, curated by Professor Clare Brant and Dr Polly North, which ran in the InigoRead more