Ego-Media’s Prof Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Dr Rob Gallagher join Dr Oline Eaton and Dr Hannah Yelin for a symposioum on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian Decade’ on 22 February 2018:

Play the full symposium above, or skip to listen to Dr Yelin (oo:45), Prof Georgakopoulou (10:24), Dr Gallagher (24:33), Dr Eaton (37:35) and / or the panel discussion (48:02) and questions (1:03:02).


Prof John Zuern on  ‘New Algorithms of the Soul: Internet Celebrity Memoirs and the Programmed Life’ on 9 June 2017:

Prof Zuern (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa) offers a keynote on the ‘programmed life’ at the 2017 IABA Conference investigating ‘Life Writing, Europe and New Media’. This podcast is part of the  ‘Life Online Today and Tomorrow’ series of talks organised as part of the Ego-Media project.


Ulrike Draesner on ‘How I was forced to write a novel on forced migration and forced the novel to migrate’ on 9 June 2017:

Novelist, essayist, poet and translator Ulrike Draesner talks about life writing on forced migration, and reads from her novel Sieben Sprünge vom Rand der Welt (Never try this at home (2014)) at the 2017 IABA Conference. This podcast is part of the Ego-Media’s  ‘Life Online Today and Tomorrow’ series.


Dr Laurie McNeill on ‘Remediation, Repurposing, and Preservation: Networked Archives of Digital Lives’ on 8 June 2017:

Dr McNeill (University of British Columbia) talks about modern digital lives as a keynote to the 2017 IABA Conference. This podcast is part of the Ego-Media project’s  ‘Life Online Today and Tomorrow’ series.


Pat Kane on ‘Careering: reflexivity, play and a life in the media’ on 7 November 2016:

Pat Kane – musician, writer, consultant, theorist and activist – talks about multi-media personas and his wide-ranging projects as part of the ‘Life Online To-day and To-morrow’ series of talks organised by the Ego-Media project.


Prof Annette Markham on ‘Curating Future Memories in a Digital Era’ on 4 April 2016:

In this cutting edge talk, Professor Annette Markham (Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University in Denmark and Affiliate Professor of Digital Ethics in the School of Communication at Loyola University in Chicago) critically analyses the relationship between digital platforms and emerging methods for curating memory.


Dr Laurence Scott (author of The Four-Dimensional Human) in Conversation with Prof Max Saunders at King’s College London on 27 January 2016*:

*with our apologies for the less than ideal sound quality of some parts of this recording


Will Self in Conversation with Prof Max Saunders at King’s College London on 4 November 2015:

Will Self, novelist, journalist, political commentator and Professor of Contemporary Thought at Brunel University, talks to the Principal Researcher of the Ego-Media project, Prof Max Saunders, about technology and the digital environment and their impact on the contemporary individual; the self and the psyche in culture, literature and our increasingly digitally-adapted psychogeographic environments.